How can you navigate through the divorce process best, when both you and your spouse are working together in your children’s best interest and do not want to fight or spend an exuberant legal fee? Mediation. How can you confidentially protect and discuss your small business or family? Mediation. How can we ease through the divorce process in a way that respects our family’s specific needs without hurting each other? Mediation.

Ms. Colgan has been certified since 2005, and actively mediates and divorces for those who believe in a peaceful process.




We pride ourselves on helping people reach settlements without court. However when needed Ms. Colgan is an experienced litigator and will aggressively represent your interests and advise you as to the best course to meet your needs.

Mediation, Matrimonial and Family LAW FIRM HELPING YOU move forward.


Ms. Colgan actively handles matters in family court. Including child support, orders of protection, custody child protective matters, guardianship and adoption.